Market al-Hamidiye's (Damascus) (Syria) Bough

Market al-Hamidiye's (Damascus) (Syria) Bough

market al-Hamidiye's Bough by right is considered one of the most ancient markets not only in the territory of Syria, but also in all Middle East. It is located in the heart of Damascus – near the Citadel and other sign sights. How many to it years to tell rather difficult today, however repeatedly its name appeared in various historical sources, and took roots in texts of national songs.

It is rather simple to find an entrance on the market – if to rise facing the main gate of city fortress, it will be on the right. Also, the monument to famous Saladin which is here can serve as a reference point. By the way, the mausoleum of the glorified commander is too nearby, and near an entrance on al-Hamidiye's Bough it is possible to see his red dome.

Osnovnaya Street of the market extends along a wall of the Citadel and comes to the square from where opposite it is possible to see the Big mosque built at Umeyadakh. This place can be considered how a separate sight, the building endured several regenerations throughout centuries. So, at the time of dominion arameev there was a pagan temple, at Byzantium here – Christian church, and with arrival of Islam the Caliphs from a dynasty Umeyadov founded the mosque. It incorporated elements of various cultures, and in its design it is possible to see classical Byzantine capitals.

However the mosque can quite act as a subject of separate article whereas within real it is necessary to concentrate on the market. Like other east markets, the main Suk Al-Hamidiye Street is covered with a vaulted roof. Where reaching the area is located, the fragment besides the Byzantine arch decorated half with the erased carving rises. It is surprising to look at it if to realize the fact that it stayed at least one and a half thousand years here! Meanwhile, around and near there is an everyday daily trade, and people do not pay any attention to a similar artifact of the past centuries, perceiving it as something quite ordinary.

Impresses the market and the public which goes along malls. Here it is possible to see practically all types of the Middle East! Syrians, Jordanians, Saudis, Iraqis – representatives of a set of the countries gather here. In the market it is possible to meet also the elderly bedouin in a long-skirted shirt and a traditional checkered scarf who arrived from deserts on border with Jordan and the young girl in a miniskirt – the female resident of the capital, and the respectable matron in a niqab – a women's Muslim attire – with the covered face. Meanwhile, Syria is quite tolerant and secular country, and here it is possible to observe also the companies of youth dressed the same as their peers from Europe, and the couples in love walking under a hand.

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What trade on al-Hamidiye's Bough today in? In fact, here it is possible to find anything! Centralnaya Street and several others are focused generally on tourists and on fans of antiques – here you will find ancient furniture, ware, elements of life of the end XIX – the beginnings of the XX century, a jewelry. Also the clothes which are bought willingly by locals, and souvenirs which can be got for the memory of a trip to Damascus are on sale here. However if to pass slightly far away, it is possible to come across sections with other goods – products, sweets, spices and aromas.

The last should be considered separately, since ancient times the East was famous for spices and the flavoring substances. So, here you will be able to buy cinnamon, a saffron, a set of types of pepper, cumin, and it is a lot of other types of spices, many of which have no names in Russian. Also folk remedies – armors of turtles, dried lizards, various herbs are on sale here. From ranks with aromas the amazing aroma proceeds, there is an incense and myrrh, santalaceous oil, different mixes of other components, extracts in glass bottles, local pouring spirits here. Similar perfumery will be estimated not only by east fashionistas, but also any woman from any other country will hardly pass by these counters. Spirits spread in bottles of different volumes – depending on your choice, and cost expensive, it is completely natural products.

Besides open counters in the market there are also shops – quite often, two-storeyed – and on the first floor there is actually a trade, and on the second the recreation room for the owner and personnel where can also invite the perspective buyer is located, offer a cup of coffee or a tiny glass of the most sweet mint tea – by it it is done here, in Damascus. However goods prices in such shops are very high, and it can be explained with the cost of rent of the similar room.

Also national crafts are presented at the market. Here you personally will be able to observe work of the chaser who covers with a refined pattern a huge metal dish. Directly on completion of process this dish can be bought, or to choose from the range any products more modest.

From time to time between ranks fancifully dressed people go – in wide trousers, vests and scarlet fezs they bear high and narrow copper jugs on shoulders. In jugs – the local soft drink made on the basis of the refermenting raisin. There is a glass of such drink real kopeks, but a ritual during which the messenger fills a bowl deserves attention! First of all, he gets a glass because of a belt, throws, overturns, washes with water from a bottle and hands to you. Then bends the interesting movement so that from the jug still remaining with it on a shoulder precisely in the center of a glass the thin stream of drink flows. Its taste is peculiar, but during a heat remarkably satisfies thirst. Meanwhile, the monument to such messenger can be seen on al-Hamidiye's Bough too.

At last, here it is possible to have a bite with appetite, having glanced in one of numerous cafes. Will offer you kebab, falafel, various salads, Middle Eastern hummus – puree from peas of a special grade, and shawarma. In case you decide to try the last, you will forever forget what shawarma was associated before at you with. Damascus does it absolutely especially, and here it is full-fledged, very tasty dish.

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