How to prove that I not such as speak

How to prove that I not such as speak

Gossips and rumors became rather a rule, than an exception of it recently. People like to discuss others, and the facts which are known to them, they several times embellish. However with it it is not necessary to be reconciled. You can quite prove that you at all not such person what you are considered.


1. To quash all rumors which about you go you have to try to create for yourself faultless reputation. People who get acquainted or long time communicate with you, have to see with what you have character. Be the decent and sympathetic person ready always to come to the rescue to another. Gratuitously make kind acts and never condemn other people. You remember if someone made the evil, to it surely it will return to lives. Your conscience has to be pure. Honesty and openness - too important criteria. Any your lie can turn back against you. Always recognize the mistakes and do not hide any truth. If people from your environment see in you the sincere and kind person, they will never believe gossips. At once it will be clear to them. even if you made not too good act, you would not begin to look for justifications, and honestly would admit it.

2. If it happened so that your relatives and acquaintances after all believed rumors, try to learn who exactly became the distributor of false information. also talk to him. For certain to such behavior of the person there will be some explanation. Perhaps, some acts you provoked empty guesses about you. Explain slandered you that he is deeply mistaken, including your behavior unworthy, tell about the true reasons that you made. Having understood the mistake, the person having conscience, most likely, will apologize you and will tell others that he was not right.

3. If the person flatly refuses that he mistakenly became the distributor of false data, you should not contact public and to try to find to yourself justification. You will hardly be believed. Choose the acquaintance who is not able to keep secrets, organize with him a heart-to-heart conversation and with regret and offense tell about how unreasonably you were slandered. Do not hide the emotions. Most likely, your sociable interlocutor in the nearest future will tell all that you fell a victim of others slander.

4. One more way of establishment of justice - an open conversation with the offender and the people who believed it. Talk everything together, you should not deny everything. Let the gossip be better itself at you will tell all about why he told about you any given things. Its arguments have to be sound. If he is not able to provide any proofs of the gossips, all will understand that he just dismissed rumors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team