Collectors - threaten what to do?

Collectors - threaten what to do?

The credits and payments for them became a habitual part of the life for most of the population. And it is not surprising: still quite recently to receive money in credit or microfinance institution was as easy as shelling pears. And around there are so much temptations, it is so much things and benefits which want to be received immediately, without thinking of at the expense of what means the sum taken in bank will be paid.

The percent of debt on the overdue credits in our country is very big, and with arrival of the next crisis this figure only continued to grow. Banks more often transfer care of obtaining the sums of debt on credit agreements to the collection agencies which sometimes use very aggressive methods in the work.

What to do if collectors threaten?

First, it is necessary to understand on what basis the staff of collection firm acts.

If you are threatened by collectors which firm signed the agency contract with bank, know: they have the right only to remind you of existence of debt. Therefore if the staff of the company becomes persuasive, you can just not answer their calls. And here surely keep messages from collectors (especially with threats): if business reaches judicial proceedings, they very much will be useful to you.

Where to address if collectors threaten?

Unfortunately, the collection agencies very often exceed requirements of the law and are engaged frank telephone (and not only) in terrorism.

If collectors threaten you and to your relatives – contact police. At the same time, it is desirable to write down calls with threats, to keep SMS and to get support of witnesses. You have to understand that police, without going into details about the one to whom and that you have to, will be on your party.

If it is about extortion, then in this case it is worth addressing to Investigative Committee.

Addressing to law enforcement agencies, you have to make competently the statement in which it will be accurately specified from whom threats in what form, since what time that you already tried to make and so forth proceed.

The bank threatens with collectors

Now at the government level the bill on the ban to credit institutions is considered to transfer information on personal data of clients to the third parties. If this bill is adopted, banks will not be able to use services of collection firms.

However now, while there is no such document, the bank has the right to transfer your documents to the agency collector. And from the legal point of view it is absolutely lawful as in the contract which the client signs when receiving proceeds of credit the bank stipulates such opportunity.

If the staff of bank threatens to report your documents to the collection agency, do not waste time: go to the nearest office of bank, write the application for unauthorized use of your personal data and withdraw the consent to their processing. This simple step will help you to avoid huge amount of difficulties further as without your consent, the credit institution will not be able to undertake anything.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team