How to win heart of the girlfriend

How to win heart of the girlfriend

The Internet dazzles with recipes, methods and even descriptions of technologies of gaining hearts of modern beauties. Some of these councils it is worth following, and it is better to refuse some. If you really want to win heart of the girlfriend, become irreplaceable and the best for her.


1. Remember good old traditions of love correspondence. Buy packing of envelopes and send to the girlfriend every day according to one message. At the same time it is not obligatory at all that the letter contained hot outpourings alone in feelings to it. Will be quite enough if you begin to share with it in the letter all pleasures and difficulties of your life. Describing joyful events, complain that it at this moment was not near, do not complain of problems, and just establish the fact of their existence. If you are rather sincerely in the messages, then the girl will surely become interested in you and will reciprocate. Anyway, even if your relations will also not come further correspondence, it will become fine reminiscence for both of you.

2. Do not try "to buy" her favor by means of expensive, tasteless or just indecent gifts (sometimes this same). Here some examples of such gifts: a golden rose in a case from crocodile leather, the Chinese vase on half-apartments with an engraving "I love you" on circles, the car pink (and any other) colors, linen of any cost and a style.

3. If you invited the girl in restaurant, then agree in advance with personnel or administration that from time to time they turned on its favourite music. If you decided to invite her at cinema, theater or to a concert, be guided only by its taste when choosing the program of evening.

4. You give to the girl only what really interests her. Of course, you should not dismiss also traditional candies bouquets, but if, for example, your girl loves animals, then sometimes instead of smart roses it is possible to present her some accessories with their image or equipment objects for her pets. Thus the girl will understand that you show consideration not only for her, but also for those to whom it gives the care, and divide her hobbies. In the same way you can present it a disk with records of favorite band or the book which she looked for long ago.

5. Do not try to play from yourself "the good guy" or, on the contrary, "a freaky pikaper" all the time. "The good guy" can quickly bore at best the girl, in the worst – to generate at her the mass of complexes concerning its compliance to your ideal image. The impudence, assertiveness and unpredictability can push away it on safe distance from you at all. In spite of the fact that it is pleasant to almost all girls when for the sake of them or on their eyes the young man makes some unexpected acts, it is necessary to use methods of pikaper very seldom and on a situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team