How to behave with the child who has a crisis of 7 years

How to behave with the child who has a crisis of 7 years

"Soon in school!", - posters with accurately dressed first graders cheerfully dazzle. And your "skoroshkolnik" is not similar to one of such. Harmful, wriggling and stubborn. How to cope with the rascal, without having done much harm to him?

The child at the age of 6-8 years endures the next age crisis. It is connected with transition from game to educational activity. The child wants to study, wants to be the adult, wants to be useful. And adults still see in him the kid and do not want to reckon with his opinion.

You faced disobedience, ignoring, lies, obstinacy and an aping, do not hurry to punish the child. If you are too rigid and exacting, it can negatively affect its self-assessment if you allow it "to stand on ears", it can be dangerous to his health and life. As well as during other age crises, you need patience and flexibility.

The more you are flexible, the more quietly and more imperceptibly there takes place crisis. The excessive assertiveness and severity, on the contrary, increases unpleasant symptoms.

You praise the child when is for what to praise. Look for occasions: "You so beautifully drew./Ты so purely washed up a floor. / You so well dance". These words when they are said sincerely, install self-confidence in the child.

Allow it to operate the territory and personal belongings, give more freedom of action. Let chooses how to put furniture in the room what things and stationery to buy for school. If the child does not want to do homework or to satisfy some request, it is possible not to force him, and to tell that he will be if he does not make. Let itself solves. Will not do homework – the teacher will put the two. Will not clean teeth – it is necessary to go to tooth. Will not help mother – the father will be upset. Most often children make a right choice if not from the first, then from the second time.

Get used to the new mode not since September 1st, and from the middle of summer. Then morning rises will go to school easier. Accustom to collect a portfolio and to prepare things since evening. This habit is useful to the child during all life.

For each bad act it is possible to establish a certain (not really strict) punishment. Then the child will know what to prepare for. If you punish for bad behavior, do not punish, it does you in the opinion of the child to less fair. There has to be a certain sequence and systemacity. In tangled situations itself can suggest the child most to think up punishment.

For manifestation of independence and development of sense of responsibility it is possible to charge to the child care of a pet or houseplants. Looking after the pet or a flower, the child will get very valuable experience.

Do not criticize it for failures, especially school. Your discontent will force the child to think of progress that it ceased to be loved. Before nothing similar from it it was required.

If you give something a negative assessment, then give it to action, but not the child. It is not necessary to speak "you bad", you speak "you arrived badly", etc. Explain why it is bad and how it is good to make. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team