Fear of Friday 13

Fear of Friday 13

Triskaydekafobiya name painful fear of number 13 and if this fear is combined with fear of Friday, then it is accepted to speak already about a paraskevedekatriafobiya. Today in the world becomes more and more people who are not waiting for anything good of Friday the 13th and it leaves the mark on many aspects of human life.

Fear of Friday of the 13th

Those who is interested as fear of the Friday which is dropping out on the 13th is called can answer that there is one more term characterizing such fear – a friggatriskaydekafobiya. This term was thought up by the American psychotherapist Donald Dossey who considered that if several times in a row to utter this name without mistakes, then the fear will recede. Whether so it, is unknown, but people with such phobia were at all times, in any case during the period after murder and Christ's revival precisely, not for nothing was considered that Judas Iscariot on the Last Supper sat the 13th.

Many people consider number 13 unhappy. For example, in America in multy-storey buildings the 12th floor is followed by the 14th at once. Germans at the time of World War II avoided similar numbering of the fighters, and the reason is that Hitler had the phobia consisting in fear of Friday 13 too. In the history there are a lot of examples when people, all life afraid of such date and trying not to leave walls of the house this day, eventually finished life or got into dangerous situations on Friday of the 13th.

However, were also such who considered such date happy and helping with life, for example, Garry Kasparov who became the thirteenth world chess champion. Everything relatively and depends on a psychological spirit. Therefore those who suffers from a paraskevedekatriafobiya which makes the life of them miserable should address for consultation the expert and to receive the corresponding treatment.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team