How to find blow force

How to find blow force

The blow force, as well as any other size, submits to physical laws and depends on several components. Get acquainted with the technique of its definition demanded by the beginning athletes or just inquisitive people.

It is required to you

  • - target;
  • - dynamometer (kik-tester);
  • - electronic timer;
  • - rubber ball;
  • - roulette;
  • - calculator.


1. Use a target and determine force of your blow to it, based on conservation law of potential and kinetic energy. Record a makivara on a reliable suspension, having designated its weight by "m". Strike a blow to the exercise machine and measure the size of its deviation "h", having found value by means of marks in a bar to which the target fastens.

2. Establish force of your blow of "F" to formula F = to mgh, having taken for "g" - acceleration of gravity. Remember that the similar method defines energy of blow with a sufficient accuracy and is the effective tool for establishment of various records.

3. Apply alternative option of finding of force of blow, having used a special dynamometer which is called a kik-tester. The device measures the maximum force of influence regarding for a short time span. Fix the sensor on a usual wall or other firm surface.

4. Make blow and learn its force, having obtained required information on a kik-tester board. The majority of devices give result in kilograms. If you need to transfer it to newtons, increase number by 9.81.

5. Measuring force of elastic blow, take the electronic timer and attach its sensor to the place of future contact of two bodies. Reducing influence of third-party forces and dispersion of energy on heating, use a rubber ball. Lift it on height determined in meters and, without making efforts, dump on the sensor.

6. On the screen of the device impact time will be highlighted. Finding falling speed, increase height by 19.62 and, from the received result, take a square root. Determine ball weight in kilograms. Increase the received number by speed and divide into time specified on the timer in seconds. Having multiplied result on 2, you calculate the required force of blow in newtons.

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