How to collect a magnet

How to collect a magnet

To make a small magnet not so difficult. Most available and interesting to house use will be the magnets made in the form of a small photoframework. A framework can be any forms and the sizes and is painted in any colors. As a basis for magnets you can use family photos, or some other materials.

It is required to you

  • Paints and primer, brushes, pallet, framework, small magnetics, glue, electric drill.


1. Prepare a small framework. Sort a framework and take out glass. Now remove a support and a substrate, leave only a frame. Further undertake frame primer. By means of the pallet apply a small layer of primer on a frame surface. At first distribute evenly one layer, and then one more. Wait until primer dries up.

2. After you progruntut all framework, start coloring. Be defined, whatcolorsyou will use for your framework.

3. Apply paint on a surface of a framework, it is the best of all to apply paint in 2-3 layers. So she will lay down more evenly. Also give time to each layer to dry up. As soon as you paint all framework, leave them for the night that completely dried.

4. Further drill by means of a drill 2 openings in each frame (above and below) in places of fastening of magnets. By means of glue paste magnets to a frame so that glue filled an opening, best of all use special thermoglue.

5. After glue dries, can frame photos or subjects chosen by you and close a substrate from a reverse side.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team