What seeds of cucumbers it is better to plant in midland

What seeds of cucumbers it is better to plant in midland

To grow up cucumbers and to receive big harvest in midland of Russia not so difficult. The most important is to choose suitable grade. The choice of seeds depends on several factors.


1. First of all, be defined whether you are going to use hotbed or you will grow up cucumbers in the open ground. It also has to influence the choice of grade of cucumbers most.

2. It should be noted that all grades of cucumbers can conditionally be separated into early, average and late so at their choice it is worth thinking how soon you want to receive the first harvest. Early grades of cucumbers, unfortunately, are ill more often, besides, the term of their fructification is much shorter, than at average or late. However use of several grades on one kitchen garden the whole summer will allow you to reap crop of cucumbers.

3. If you are going to grow up cucumbers in hotbed, pay attention to grade under the name "Murashka F1". It is early grade (begins to fructify in 42 days after crops), the self-fertile, that is not demanding pollination, very high-yielding hybrid. This srednerosly plant with the limited growth of side escapes. Fruits length seldom exceed 12 cm, differ in large hillocks with small black thorns. Also this grade can brag of universality — it is suitable both for salting, and for the fresh use. Besides, it is very resistant to false and real mealy dew.

4. "Alekseich F1" - one more early ripening grade of cucumbers which is suitable for cultivation in greenhouses. From emergence of the first sprouts before fructification on average there pass 40 days. It too srednerosly plant with small fruits up to 8 cm long, hillocks on cucumbers are practically absent. This hybrid is very resistant to mealy dew. Grade fruits "Alekseich" is the best of all to use F1 fresh.

5. If you want to grow up cucumbers in the open ground, pay attention to grade "April F1". It is early ripening universal hybrid which begins to fructify 50 days later after the first shoots. This compact plant which differs in ability to branching self-control. Fruits reach 25 cm in length. It is very undemanding grade which besides quite easily transfers low temperatures that allows to receive decent harvest in the open ground. Thanks to compactness this grade can be grown up in small balcony flower boxes.

6. If you do not differ in patience at all, choose grade "F1 Ant". This grade begins to fructify already 35 days later. Krupnobugorchaty fruits seldom exceed in length of 12 cm. This grade perfectly feels in the open ground, differs in the increased real and false mealy dew resistance.

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