Installation of kitchen extract the hands

Installation of kitchen extract the hands

If in the normal room, such as living room or bedroom, for air purification it is enough to open window leaf and to make airing, then with air in kitchen the situation is more difficult, especially if in it often prepare. It can cope with air purification in this room only to the qualitative and correctly established kitchen extract. In the presence of all necessary tools and some knowledge in this area the mounting of extract in kitchen can be made by own forces.

Kitchen extracts are built in, dome and flat. The built-in or flat extract perfectly will be suitable for small kitchen, especially if in it low ceiling. Dome will be suitable more for the wide kitchen as it differs in bigger efficiency and is capable to clean quickly the room from vapors, ashes and other impurity in air.

Also extracts are subdivided into exhaust, combined and recirculation. Regardless of what model you will choose, get air duct and spare parts at once, especially if you are going to make mounting of extract the hands.

Mounting of extract in kitchen provides obligatory installation of the separate ground outlet. If repair in kitchen has been already executed, and it is not possible to hide wiring in walls, it is possible to disguise electrical wires in plastic box.

 Rules of installation of kitchen extract provide admissible distance between it and gas-fire in 65-80 cm. Height of installation of kitchen extract for the electric stove has to be 45-70 cm.

 By means of construction level it is necessary to make marking for dowels and to fix support by means of bolts. Installation of kitchen extract of dome type is made on the fixed support.

The extract having angular level for fastening is built in in suspended furniture (cabinet), having made in cabinet opening of the necessary diameter for air duct conclusion.

The flat extract is mounted or to the lower part of suspended furniture, or to wall. On back surface and at the top of the body of such extract usually there are 2 exhaust outlets. What is not used in work needs to be closed the cover which is included in the package.

Connection of extract can be made in two ways: to the existing vent system or to organize individual air outlet on the street.

Usually in multifamily residential buildings the ventilation system is calculated on passing about 140 m3 of air an hour. And the kitchen extract, on average, throws out 250 m3 of air an hour, (usually the installation instruction of kitchen extract contains these data), such difference can lead to formation of air lock and blocking of vent system therefore the second option of connection nevertheless is more preferable.

It is better to choose pipes for removal of air plastic as not so strongly settles dirt on their smooth surface as on surface of corrugated pipes, besides corrugated during the work of extract create noise from vibration. For mounting of extract with plastic air duct it is necessary to have near at hand the-shaped adapters which are specially intended for ventilating duct.

Having laid pipe, from outer end of the building it is necessary to establish protective screen and to carefully process sealant all available joints. It is very important that the exhaust air vent had large diameter, than the exhaust outlet of kitchen extract, otherwise will be difficult to avoid excess loads on the unit and fast exit of extract out of operation. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team