How to use melamine sponge

How to use melamine sponge

Progress does not stand still, today hostesses use soda for cleaning of tile more and more seldom, do not wash the dishes manually. However if it is necessary to clean off difficult pollution or plates so a little that to start dish washer there is no sense, use make-shifts. One of the most effective - melamine sponges.

The melamine sponge consists of melamine pitch which is made on special process. When processing at the plant, pitch is heated. At its hardening the solid, but thus having good flexibility and plasticity material is formed. It in exterior   is very similar to foam rubber.

The feature is that, stiffening, pitch forms large number of sharp fibers, they help out hostesses, cleaning the polluted surface even without application of cleansers.

Method of application

To clean the polluted ware surface, it is necessary just to moisten melamine sponge with water. The dense structure of material will not allow to be absorbed to excessively large amount of liquid, having kept adhesive properties. The sponge well deletes raids of a various type both on ware, and on walls, especially on tile. Apply sponges when cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and bathrooms.

By means of melamine sponges, you will be able to clean not only ware and tile, but also the walls which are pasted over with the vinyl, fiber glass and washing wall coverings. However, it is not necessary to moisten sponge with water, otherwise you can damage surface. By means of melamine from wall-paper not only accidentally stuck dirt, but also the children's drawings executed, for example, by pencils, non-persistent felt-tip pens, pastel pieces of chalk will be washed.

  • Few years ago melamine sponges were issued only in white color, now the color palette is very wide. Also the price policy of producers has changed, big consignments cost real kopeks, and all because at bulk production the manufacturers save.


There is opinion that melamine sponges are dangerous, but it not so. By production, certainly, chemicals, but their contents are used, and especially the toxicity in the final product is checked on strict standards of safety. Melamine constitutes danger only at hit in gullet therefore there are sponges it is impossible as, however, and any other manufactured articles. 

Melamine sponges are on sale not only in small retail shops, but also in large retail chain stores which fight for quality and reputation of the products sold at them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team