How to repair skin

How to repair skin

Quite often people have problem connected with damage of leather products. If this problem has met at you on the way, then you should not be upset, leather products can quite just be repaired.


1. For a start sort out the nature of damages. If there was violation of machine line, then on repair too much time will not leave. If there was wear of skin on cups, fingers, arrows or skin has torn, then repair should find more time and forces.

2. If the machine line on contour of fingers or thumb was broken, for example, in the place where there is connection with palmar part of gloves, then it is necessary for a start by means of scalpel or the razor accurately to unstitch the broken seams. Be careful, be not wounded. Completely exempt parts of gloves from the ends of threads tweezers.

3. If gloves warm, then at repair them it is necessary to turn out in a special way. If there is flannelette or flannel lining, then it is necessary to unstitch part of side seam. If lining from knitted cloth or their fur, then it is necessary to cut part of lining. Through section it is necessary to drag leather top of glove. As a result it has to be turned inside out. Now it is possible to impose new seam. The gloves with warm lining made without arrows do not need lining section. Just it is necessary to unstitch old seam approximately on half-centimeter above and below the damaged place.

4. Anew to stitch gloves, strong threads will be necessary. It is necessary to sew the same seam by which they have been sewed initially. Try to do everything in the area of old punctures. Small knots cannot be hidden on inner side. After the line of leather top comes to an end, it is necessary to sew up lining if it has been cut.

5. If there was violation of integrity of skin, then it is necessary to patch. In this case it is possible to show the imagination. It is possible to make decorative pads. They have to have the identical form on both gloves. It is necessary to sew patches laid on seam. Pads can have various coloring. For example, with light brown color it is well combined dark brown, with black - white and gray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team