How to plow the earth

How to plow the earth

People constantly plow up the earth in order that the plants planted to this earth could receive enough oxygen. At first sight it is quite simple to plow up the earth, but as it is correct to make it, only units can answer.


1. Most often plowing of the soil is made by in the spring or in the fall. If you plow up the earth for the fall, then it is necessary to do it in disorder. It is made from the processed site. It is necessary to separate furrows on the center and sides of the parcel. As a result you prevent flooding of the site melt water, and will also achieve faster drying-out of the soil.

2. Prepare motor-plow for work. Before it visually allocate the center of the parcel and install the motor-block of rather conditional line of the center of the site. Put the motor-block in the center of the site. Begin plowed land with cutting of the first furrow, try to sustain the flat line. Having reached the region of the site, deploy the motor-block and establish it by the right wheel opposite to the first furrow. After that start cutting of the second furrow – such plowing is called "in slope". The parcel in this case will rise to the center.

3. For convenient plowed land set motor-block wheel to position on the center of adjusting bolt. The motor-block needs to be conducted exactly, at the same time try not to press on wheel and not to push him. Hold wheel so that the motor-block had small bias towards plow. It will facilitate work and will save fuel usage.

4. Also you watch engine temperature. Do not allow its overheating. At power loss it is necessary to stop work, having killed the engine and to leave the motor-block in non-working state for 20-30 minutes then it is possible to break to earth plowed land again. To facilitate plowing and to receive qualitative plowed land, try to conduct the right wheel of the motor-block on the center of the cut furrow (on crest) or on edge of crest. It leads to load reduction of the engine and will provide depth necessary to you. As a result at you exactly plowed site has to turn out. Observe all necessary requirements.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team