How to plant potatoes seeds

How to plant potatoes seeds

Now there are several ways of landing of potatoes. Most often such culture is made multiple copies tubers, however this way of cultivation has sets of shortcomings. It is recommended to make multiple copies potatoes not tubers, but seeds.


1. Seed potatoes have very many pluses. For a start it is necessary to tell about economy of planting stock. On 1 hundred part about 7 kg sevka instead of 30 kg of tubers are necessary. Seedlings have good stability against degeneration and viral diseases. This culture is practically not surprised viruses. For this reason potatoes which are grown up from seeds, absolutely healthy. It is also necessary to note ease of storage. Seeds will keep viability about 20 years.

2. Anyone can use technology of cultivation of seed potatoes. Fruit of potatoes is berry. For this culture it is necessary to allocate the seed site. Exactly there it is necessary to seed yagodoobrazuyushchy grade. The tops of vegetable extremely is not recommended to be mown. Pick berries in the fall and lay them on ripening. It is the best of all to store them on the heated attic. In December you can wash seeds from the ripened berries.

3. You can grow up potatoes from seed in two ways – crops in soil or through seedling. It is possible to sow seeds in soil only on the cultivated and fertile site. This way is popular in the southern areas. In Non-Black Earth Region most often plant potatoes through seedling. If it is correct to look after it, then it is possible to receive about 900 g of tubers from bush. Seedling needs to be grown up indoors. Temperature in it should not be below 15 degrees Celsius. In advance kill Semyon for day in water. Also well solutions of microelements and biostimulants are suitable for this purpose.

4. To the open ground it is necessary to plant seeds in early terms. On 3-4 square meters about 1 g of seeds leaves. Mix them with the dry earth and put on depth of 1 cm. Between lines there has to be distance about 20 cm. Then well fertilize the soil and prorykhlita. Crops need to be mulched with peat or humus. Before emergence of shoots it is recommended to cover them with film. In most cases shoots begin to appear for the 10th day. After that at once it is necessary to be engaged in weeding of crops. Watering is carried out as required. It is necessary to loosen and hill crops regularly in the summer.

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