How to part bamboo

How to part bamboo

Bamboos call big group of the perennial plants belonging to family of cereals. Bamboos which in the nature there are slightly more than one thousand types grow, mainly, in tropics and subtropics. However, separate frost-resistant types grow up also in the conditions of the temperate climatic zone. As room ornamental plant dwarfish bamboos well look. Make multiple copies this plant, having separated bush during change.

It is required to you

  • - drainage;
  • - sand;
  • - sheet earth;
  • - humous earth;
  • - peat earth;
  • - loamy soil;
  • - complex fertilizer for houseplants.


1. The bamboo grows quickly, and therefore even its undersized types suitable for cultivation in the room, it is recommended to replace once a year. As it is the best of all to replace many plants, bamboo in the spring.

2. Pick up wide capacity for change. The size of new container has to be such that between roots of plant and walls of capacity there were about five centimeters. On bottom of capacity fill drainage layer.

3. Take bamboo from old container and separate bush so that the received plants had identical quantity of roots. If you need to multiply young plant, separate from it several root shanks. On each of them there have to be three-four kidneys and small amount of thinner roots.

4. Plant the separated bushes or root shanks in separate containers with mix from one part of sand, the same volume of the sheet, humous, peat earth and two parts of clayey ground.

5. In the summer containers with bamboo recommend to hold in the open air, slightly priteniv from direct sunshine and having protected from strong wind. Different types of bamboo demand the different mode of watering, but it is possible to determine by exterior of plant whether it is necessary to water it. If leaves begin to be twisted, the bamboo lacks moisture. It is sometimes recommended to put containers with bamboo on trays with the fine gravel which is filled in with water.

6. During the period from April to August it is recommended to feed up bamboo complex fertilizer for houseplants.

7. For normal wintering the bamboo needs temperature about sixteen degrees. It is necessary to water plant at this time it is not so abundant as in the summer. Some flower growers do not recommend to remove the fallen-down bamboo leaves which play mulch role from container.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team