How to move furniture

How to move furniture

Once such thought can come to your mind: to replace arrangement of furniture in the room or in all apartment. But to move furniture is not pillows to shift. It is necessary to sweat fairly if you only not some athlete, the weightlifter, etc.


1. As option, you can call to the aid friends, acquaintances or neighbors. In this case it is necessary to think of that in the place of movement of furniture or other household items (for example, the fridge and other heavy equipment) you were not disturbed by children, pets or other furniture beforehand. It is necessary to remove all from the moved furniture possible for simplification of weight, for example, of pillow, books, services, household appliances and other.

2. Under the moved furniture it is better to enclose something, whether it be soft strong rag or old, unnecessary rug. It is also possible to use plastic covers for cans. These shock-absorbing enclose objects under corners of the moved subject (if power resources allow, it is possible to make such linings only under two corners of piece of furniture) with the purpose furniture at movement it on floor (in case of impossibility to lift it in air) did not leave marks on floor (various tracks, cracks, scratches, hollows).

3. Of course, it is necessary to ask to treat the people helping you with all possible accuracy this process. In case of such movement of furniture and other household items floor on which movement is carried out has to remain dry as on wet or damp surface the movement will be quite strongly complicated.

4. Happens so that there is nobody there is a wish to call or move furniture without strangers. If the weight of furniture allows, it is possible trying not to overstrain most, to transfer it to the right place. If weight is quite high, it is possible to use the following method: to remove all foreign objects from furniture, to pick up the screw-driver and to sort partially or completely movement subject. Carry these parts of furniture to the right place and collect it. Certainly, in such a way it is necessary to use in case you are sure that you will be able independently to collect that subject which was sorted after dismantling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team