How to make the plan

How to make the plan

You have decided to equip just bought site, namely, to choose the place for the house, toilet and other "elements". To consider even each trifle, you by all means will need to make the plan of the site. Then you will not suffer with changes and alterations, and your garden will be beautiful and cozy. Besides, planning allows to correct some shortcomings.


1. Planning should be carried out step by step. First of all learn everything about the soil and about position of the site. It is necessary to consider all: relief, nature of the soil, access to sunshine, level of underground water, ratio of light and shade, openness to winds. Further think of those objects and designs which you would like to see on the site, consult to the family, having learned their opinion and wishes.

2. Data are collected, now you can begin to plan. Plan borders of your site, location of neighbour's sites and roads, designate where what part of the world is. Apply on the plan already available constructions and trees with bushes.

3. Further all site needs to be broken into functional zones. Main zones only three. It is inhabited zone, garden and economic. You can add game zone, the place for shish kebabs and so on and to separate the main zones into subbands.

4. It is better to place economic zone together with kitchen garden in the most solar part of your site and from housing area far away. About kitchen garden the placement of the shed for storage in it economic tools will be appropriate. Places for compost heap and incineration have to be far away from the house too. Arrange all "elements" of the site so that it is a lot of shadow did not give.

5. Entrance to the house it is necessary to arrange from the South. Snow gathers on South side less and in the spring it thaws quicker. The garage is better to dispose closely to the house and if you want to place on the site also pond, then try to find for it such place that it was not in the sun throughout the day. For the playground it is better to choose the place, not too solar and close to the house, too.

6. After all zones are marked and all constructions will be reflected in the plan, start basting of paths. At first the main draw, then minor.

7. The choice of style of your garden will be the last stage. And here it is better not to hurry. Look through magazines, observe neighbour's gardens, think what you want to see your garden. Compare several styles and decide what of them is closer to heart, decide on flowers. To you to live in this garden therefore solve everything thoroughly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team