How to make country toilet

How to make country toilet

The toilet can be presented on the dacha in various options. If you have thought of installation, then surely consider all possible and admissible options in your case. Some nuances have to be considered.


1. On the seasonal dacha it is the simplest to set up portable toilets. However for it it is necessary to lay out some sum of money. At the moment this option is the most convenient for the solution of goal. The dry closet if desired can be transferred from place to place. To it it is not necessary to carry out electrical wires. Also there is no need to establish sewage pipe and to bring water.

2. Basic elements of such toilet are two tanks – top and lower. In dry closet special liquid which is capable to eliminate and disinfect drains quickly is used. This liquid is filled in in the lower tank. In the top tank the deodorizing substance which saves from unpleasant smells is located.

3. Most often to dachas the people establish wooden toilets. In advance the place where the design will be placed has to be thought over. After that it is necessary to make deep cesspool. It can be provided in several options: normal refuse hole, superficial septic tank, underground septic tank, concrete rings which form overflow cesspool.

4. The design surely has to have bottom. You should not count that the lack of bottom will influence fast disappearance of drains. In this case there can be problems connected with poisoning of drinking waters. Consider, you can face problems with the law. Optimal solution for country toilet is the septic tank. It will provide lack of unpleasant smells. The wooden toilet at the dacha is very easy-to-work also service.

5. People often suit septic tank independently. If the family consists of four people, then it is possible to use superficial septic tank. It is ideal option at high level of underground water. If the number of residents rather big, then is recommended suit traditional underground septic tank.

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