How to finish the garage

How to finish the garage

Successful finishing is capable to hide defects in and outside of the room, will make it cozier for work. Besides the covering can protect walls, ceiling and floor from temperature drop and moisture that will allow garage to serve longer.


1. The interior finish of garage has to correspond to the recommendations of fire safety because combustible structures and mixes are stored in this room, and the slightest spark is capable to lead to the fire. The covering of garage has to be made of material which does not ignite, is easily cleaned and washed, does not enter chemical reactions, is resistant to blows and scratches, does not absorb smells and dirt.

2. Pay attention to color of finishing material, do not choose white and other very light shades. Such covering is not suitable for garage because this room can be used for repair, and the thicket should wash finishing. Color of material has to be in harmony with interior of garage and create cosiness and comfort.

3. Try to get strong covering, the regiments, racks and lockers filled with spare parts and tools weigh much. Wet plaster perfectly will be suitable for finishing of internal walls of garage. It is cement and sand solution, it forms hard and strong surface. Plaster protects surface from scratches, does not burn. For additional protection, apply from above paint.

4. For finishing of external walls of garage paint and plaster will be suitable for front works more, such materials are impregnable to moisture and temperature drops. Besides plaster smoothes walls, hides cracks and other small roughnesses. To receive desirable covering, strictly follow the instruction on packing.

5. The paving slabs will be suitable for interior finish of floor of garage. Its strong surface is protected from moisture and is fire-resistant. Such option is intended for brick and concrete garages. Previously level floor and spread tile, following instructions.

6. Quite good option – finishing by plastic panels, it is easily possible to install them most. All installation works will take place without dirt and dust. For interior finish of garage take front PVC lining. This special plastic does not burn and does not pass moisture. Attach wood furring to walls, to it the furniture stapler beat sheets of finishing. That in the winter in garage it was warmer, between lining and profiles put heater.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team