How to count room perimeter

How to count room perimeter

Often people during any repair work have certain difficulties in case it is required to make calculation of perimeter of the room. Believe, for this purpose it is not necessary to possess deep knowledge of the field of geometry and algebra at all, it is enough to remember school course of mathematics.

It is required to you

  • - tape measure;
  • - pencil and paper;
  • - thread.


1. Remember that the perimeter is not that other as the sum of lengths of all parties of some geometrical figure. And it is remarkable when that room in which it is necessary to make calculations has the standard form, we will tell square or rectangle. In this case it is enough to remember the school program. For example, if the room square, then for calculation of its perimeter measure length of one party and increase the received result by four. The total number will also be perimeter of your room.

2. Find lengths of two adjacent walls and increase the sum of these numbers by two if the room rectangular. As a result the perimeter of this room turns out.

3. Measure all rectilinear pieces and summarize the received results if the room has any other any form that quite often meets today.

4. Sometimes happens so that the room has the circle form. If you are precisely sure that the room round, then measure its diameter, that is distance from one point of circle to another, having passed through the center. And then use formula in which the perimeter will be not that other as diameter of circle increased by constant 3.14.

5. All above ways are correct. But here in what problem – not always rooms conform to all specifications and standards, namely happens so that length of one wall differs from length of opposite wall. For such cases in arsenal there is absolutely easy and effective way of calculation of perimeter of the room.

6. Take normal thread as it is possible more long, and lay it on all line of perimeter. That place where it will be closed with reference mark, needs to be noted. And then measure the received length. The result of this measurement will also be perimeter of your room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team