How to choose the waffle iron

How to choose the waffle iron

Despite abundance and variety of pastries in shops the house wafers still remain favourite delicacy in many families. But if earlier, in Soviet period, hostesses asked the question "Where to Buy the Waffle Iron?", then today the problem costs differently: "How to choose the suitable waffle iron among the abundance which is available in the market?". Really, variety of the offered models and brands is so high that can nonplus even the skilled hostess.


1. Having made the decision on purchase of the waffle iron, first of all be defined that it is required to you. Huge number of various models of waffle irons of domestic, European and Chinese manufacturers is presented at the market of household appliances today. They are capable to bake wafers of different form, thin or thick, possess non-stick coating and temperature regulators.

2. In the second turn decide where you are going to get purchase. It is almost more convenient to make it in normal shop of household appliances which is near you. But in similar shops, as a rule, the available choice is limited to one-three models. Besides, there it is not always possible to find the sympathetic and qualified seller ready to answer all your questions. Therefore is much more practical previously to collect information on the Internet.

3. If you choose the waffle iron in online store, first of all pay attention to the producer of goods and then to model design. Attentively read all provided descriptions and consider illustrations. Depending on that, you prefer thin wafers or magnificent thick, different devices will be necessary for you.

4. Surely pay attention to waffle iron body material. Today many models are produced with plastic multi-colored covering. They look good and it is easy to wash them, but the metal body much more reliably and serves longer. The truth and the price of such models usually are higher a little. Learn whether the waffle iron has temperature regulator and the indicator of heating. These two additions will allow to establish independently the necessary temperature and to control heating. Thus, your first "pancake" will not leave lump.

5. Buying the waffle iron in offline shop, attentively examine the surface of non-stick coating. It has to be equal, without bubbles, swellings and bald spots. Depends on it, dough from surface will be how easy to separate and whether it will burn. If you have small kitchen and each centimeter of space on accounting, choose waffle iron models with special office for electric cord. They more compact also take less places in cabinet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team