How to choose the household filter for water

How to choose the household filter for water

The quality of potable water which is pumped centrally to houses and apartments leaves much to be desired. It can have impurity and smell as in the systems of water purification compounds of chlorine are used. Butylated water too not exit, it can reach a limit at the most inappropriate moment. To provide itself with potable water, you can buy the household filter and install it in kitchen.


1. It is possible to choose the household filter for water after you decide on its type. You can install the inexpensive filter of kuvshinny type having two tanks in kitchen. In top pour water from under the crane. Via the special removable cartridge the filtered water flows down in the lower tank. Shortcomings of such filters are need of frequent change of cartridges, small volumes of tanks and time necessary in order that water was purified.

2. The flowing wire mesh filter which is installed on the crane is rather cheap, but allows to filter only firm suspensions and sand. The chemicals dissolved in water, such filter will not detain. If it is equipped with the valve for pressure release, it can serve as protection against sharp differential pressures in water supply system.

3. The multistage built-in filter for water treatment – the device rather expensive, but quality of the water which is passed through it very good. Such filter is installed under rinse basin, water is pumped via it in the separate crane. It allows to save the filtered water and not to use it for washing of ware. Such device allows to filter up to 8000 liters of water without replacement of the filtering material. It can have from 3 to 8 steps of cleaning.

4. If you have stopped the choice on the filter of kuvshinny type, keep in mind that it can be used with different type of the cartridges intended for water with the different chemical composition. They can fluorinate in addition purified water, soften it and save from iron impurity. Use filters with simultaneous ultra-violet radiation, ozonization or chlorination to disinfecting of water.

5. For quite some time now producers offer the household filters working by method of reverse osmosis. In their structure there is ceramic membrane which cells are so small that pass only molecules of water and oxygen, and the dirty rest is removed in the sewerage. These filters are more effective and rather inexpensive.

6. Choose for the kitchen the household filter according to the financial opportunities, requirements and composition of water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team