Double boiler: how it is correct to use

Double boiler: how it is correct to use

Long ago it is known that healthy nutrition - guarantee of health and longevity. Modern people have all conditions as much as possible to improve the diet, having filled up it with healthy dishes without carcinogens and excessive fat. And the double boiler will become one of the chief assistants. It will keep color and taste and also all vitamins and microelements.

It is required to you

  • double boiler of any type, products, electricity or gas


1. Process food the ferry - here that literally means use of the double boiler. There are different types and producers of double boilers, but the main types two are pans with the enclosed grid for arrangement over the boiling water and household appliances of various configuration, number of sections, dispersion of temperatures and types of the prepared products. Certainly, the second type has big functionality and allows to spend less time for cooking to 5 various dishes. Besides, functions of steam treatment have appeared also at microwave ovens, capacity for water, grids and covers are delivered in set.

2. When cooking on the first type put pan with water on plate, bring water to boiling, transfer temperature to the average mode to support continuous swirling. Lay products (fish, meat, bird, vegetables) on grid, close cover and leave until ready. Minus such double boiler is that in it it is impossible to prepare liquid dish (soup or soup) or porridges.

3. Use of the second type of double boilers gives more opportunities for preparation, it is possible to make the whole lunch in 40 minutes. Besides electric double boilers are more hygienic in use, have huge and various classification. Basis of this miracle of the equipment is capacity for water and heating coil (steam generator) in the lower part of the machine and also pallet for collecting condensate. Install baskets with dishes, pour water into the capacity (for this purpose there is separate entrance, stationary or put forward if necessary), choose the necessary mode and temperature, install the timer if it is necessary and provided in model. Turn on the double boiler. In some double boilers it is necessary to watch height of water, and if necessary to add.

4. Use the double boiler not only for preparation of dishes. It effectively defreezes, warms ready dishes. Many mothers use it for sterilization of small bottles. The double boiler allows to feel true taste of product, and over time you learn to appreciate it and to enjoy healthy dishes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team