How to weld a spring nettle soup

How to weld a spring nettle soup

From a nettle it is possible to prepare many useful dishes. The majority knows only how it is possible to cook soup from a nettle, but from it cook also salads, fritters, add to pies and garnishes.

In May-June it is accepted to cook a young nettle soups. It is necessary to collect a nettle for consumption far away from the carriageway – for example, in the forest, and it is better in kitchen gardens and gardens. It contains vitamin C – it here more, than in blackcurrant. Except it, in a plant there are a lot of other vitamins, there are minerals and also formic acid which is the reason of receiving burns at persons interested to touch a nettle.

What has to be a nettle for soup? It is necessary to choose the young plants which didn't outgrow – in them the burning-down substance is saved. Therefore cook krapivny soup only in May or the beginning of June. Special admirers of a dish try to dry a nettle and to add it when cooking to soups all summer. However you shouldn't be fond too of eating of a plant – the content of vitamin K affects blood clotting not in the best way. If there is a wish to eat gradually a nettle in the summer, it is necessary to tear off for this purpose only the first four leaves from above. Previously it is necessary to put on dense gloves.

What nettle soups happen

Classical krapivny soup is cooked from potatoes and water, adding crude egg and zabelivy sour cream. But now with a nettle cook soup and on chicken, vegetable, fish broths, cook even krapivny stewed meat soup. The dish, of course, loses the initial value, this not fast soup, but soup from different ingredients with greens. Just the structure of greens included a nettle.

Many cook in the spring soup on chicken broth, filling with fried vegetables – carrot, onions, tomatoes. The collected and washed out nettle, having cut, it is possible to add to a pan in 5-10 minutes until the end of cooking. For krapivny soup it is better to use low-fat broth. Before switching off having heated a baking plate a pan, it is possible to break crude egg, to vzboltnut it in a cup and to pour out in broth. It is better to serve such dish with sour cream.

If the stirred-up crude egg in broth to eaters not on temper, it is possible to serve krapivny soup and a half boiled. It is possible to give and with the whole egg, only previously it is necessary to cut it. Otherwise it will be extremely inconvenient to eaters to try to separate from it a piece in a plate.

Nettle soup on water

To cook krapivny soup on water, such ingredients will be necessary:

  •    Water – 2 liters.
  •    3 potatoes of the average size.
  •    1 carrots.
  •    3 hard-boiled eggs.
  •    200 g of greens of a nettle.
  •    Salt to taste.

Pour water in a pan and put on fire. Until it begins to boil, it is necessary to wash and clean vegetables. Cut potatoes on bars, carrots – thin circles. After boiling of water to place in it the cut vegetables.

Boil thoroughly pan contents on average fire okolo15 minutes that vegetables became soft. A green nettle family leaves should be washed out, touched, then for 5 minutes to wet in cold water. Then a nettle to get, wash a baking plate with flowing water, using a colander. In conclusion the nettle should be put in a bowl and to pour boiled water that they ceased to sting.

Now leaves should be put in a pan, to salt to taste and to boil thoroughly together with vegetables about 5 more minutes. Soup is ready. It is possible to give hot, having added sour cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team