How to remove bitterness of onions

How to remove bitterness of onions

Everyone knows of useful properties of onions. It is widely applied in preparation of various dishes, conservation, as a spicy flavor additive and also in preparation of some medicines. Onions contain a large amount of vitamin C and also other nutrients and minerals. The range of grades of onions is big and diverse: sharp, sweet, green, etc. Sometimes in preparation of some dishes it is required to save onions from excessive bitterness. It can achieve in several ways.

It is required to you

  • salt
    • boiled water
    • pure cold water
    • marinade


1. 1. The first way is rather easy and fast. It is necessary to clean a bulb, to chop or cut small with half rings. Then to fill in onions with hot water (boiled water) for 2-3 min. After that we throw back onions on a sieve and we wash it few times with cold water.

2. 2. The second way of disposal of bitterness is a little more difficult, but the result will exceed all expectations. Its essence is that not simply we save onions from bitterness, but also at the same time we pickle it, impacting it a pungent flavor.

3. 3. So, for this purpose we cut the peeled onions rings, we drench with boiled water and we fill in with a warm marinade. We close the capacity in which there are onions a cover and we allow to infuse within 1-1.5 hours.

4. 4. Preparation of the marinade saving onions from bitterness will require the following ingredients: vinegar of 3% (1 glass), 0.5 tablespoons of sugar, 0.5 h spoon of salt, 3 pieces of bell pepper, 0.5 tablespoons of vegetable oil. We connect all listed above products and we receive marinade.

5. 5. One more way of disposal of onions of bitterness: it is necessary to cut onions in any way (small, rings), to add to it salt 1-2 tablespoons and to fill in with cold water. In 10-15 minutes to cast away onions on a colander and to wash with pure cool water.

6. 6. To save fresh green onions from bitterness it is possible to use the following method. To small chop the washed-out onions, to rumple a little it by means of a masher or hands. Kindle a small amount of a desi and water with it the prepared onions. After that onions can be washed out a small amount of warm water if you need to add it to salads. If the green onions are planned to be entered into hot dishes (potatoes, soups, etc.), then onions can and be not washed out.

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