How to prepare horse-radish leaves for the winter

How to prepare horse-radish leaves for the winter

Horse-radish is considered medical for a long time. Its leaves contain ascorbic acid, group B vitamins and also other substances, useful to activity of the person. Consumption of horse-radish in food is prevention of catarrhal diseases.

Conservation of horse-radish

Leaves of horse-radish can be pickled for the winter, adding then as seasoning for sharpness of taste.

There are several ways of a marinovka of leaves of horse-radish:

1. Wash out, dry up leaves in the dark place, chop on large pieces. Further to put in bank layers: salt, leaves, salt and so on. It is desirable to put everything in a sterile can dense layers that something turned out like a brine.

2. These greens can be used as seasoning for other dishes which need to be salted or pickled for further use in winter time. For example, the well-known sauce under the name "Damn thing" to which there is a set of recipes. Here one of them:

For preparation it is required: - tomatoes of 1-1.5 kg; - garlic to taste (3-5 pieces); - 150-300 g of leaves of horse-radish; - salt and sugar, to taste. Garlic needs to be peeled. Carefully to wash out horse-radish leaves. Tomatoes it is good to wash up and destem. Scroll everything via the meat grinder.

Before crushing of leaves of horse-radish it is necessary to put on a meat grinder neck a plastic bag that eyes weren't irritated just as it occurs when cut onions.

After crushing of all ingredients well mix them and add sugar and salt to taste.

For more saturated taste to place "damn thing" in the fridge for day. Later it is necessary to pull out and close in the banks prepared for turning.

Preparation of cans

When "damn thing" infuses, it is possible to begin to sterilize the jars. For this purpose it is necessary to fill half with water a small pan, to bring to the boil and to put from above a sieve. While water begins to boil, it is necessary to wash out banks and to put one washed up on a sieve by a bottom up. In a couple of minutes to remove and put on a clean towel. Prepare the following banks also for turning.

Other ways of preparation of leaves of horse-radish

Zasushka. It is necessary to wash out carefully leaves of horse-radish and to place in well aired, but the dark room, before full drying. After this procedure the plant needs to be crushed and placed in storage in closed bank. It is possible to dry leaves also on the battery or in slightly heated oven. Besides cans it is possible to store horse-radish handfuls in a gauze. Fresh storage. Put leaves in a wet plastic bag, to close and remove densely in the fridge. The plant is stored in such look about half a year. Freezing. Leaves wash out, allow water to dry, to close densely in a package or in a container, to remove in the freezer.

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