How to prepare a sour cream

How to prepare a sour cream

Sour cream snow-white, it has gentle texture. They can interlay cakes, to put in cakes or to use as an independent dessert. It is used and as a sweet sauce in fruit salads.

Cream for cake

There are several variations of this sweet dish. For cake it is desirable use the "hung-out" sour cream, otherwise, from it unnecessary liquid has to flow down.

At the recipe there are only 2 ingredients:

- 250 g of sour cream; - 0.5 glasses of sugar. Put a colander or a big sieve with the handle on a pan. Lay in it a towel and lay out this lactic product. All design cleans up for the night in the fridge.

During this time in a pan excess liquid will gradually flow down, sour cream will become more dense and better will be shaken up. It will be cooled that too promotes improvement of quality of cream. Pour sugar into sour cream and shake up it. Now it is possible to interlay with cream cake. At first put it on a cake layer and distribute on a surface by means of a wide knife. Such cream will become fine ornament and will hold the set form. If there is a wish to make the big layer similar to a basis of Pigeon's milk cake, then it is possible to use the following recipe.

Gelatin in the help

To prepare a sour cream with gelatin, a few products, only are also required: - 1 glass of sour cream; - 80 g of sugar; - 1 tablespoon of gelatin; - 30 ml of water. Fill in gelatin with water. Regardless of that, small it to fraction or not, let stand 15-30 minutes. Further, use any of two ways of dissolution of gelatin: 1. Put it on a steam bath; 2. Pour out in a bucket or a small pan and, stirring slowly, heat weight to temperature 70-80os. As soon as gelatin is dissolved, remove capacity from fire. At this time make a sour cream basis. Pour sugar into sour cream. If time is limited, then you can replace it with icing sugar. It will quicker thaw in cream. Shake up weight within 3-4 minutes. Pour in it still in warmish gelatin and continue to rotate mixer blades. At will it is possible to put fresh berries in cream: raspberry, wild strawberry, currant. In the winter also frozen will approach. If sour cream of low fat content is used, then cream turns out low-calorie, but liquid. Therefore before pouring out it on a basis, put a cake cake layer in a form. Now let all this will lie down in the fridge of 30-40 minutes. It is possible to put the second cake layer on slightly stiffened cream and again to send cake to the fridge. Such cream with sour cream and gelatin will become also a fine independent dessert. When berries are put, pour sweet weight in ice-cream bowls or wide glass glasses. Before giving strew with grated chocolate.

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