How to make boiled pork from a turkey

How to make boiled pork from a turkey

The most useful meat – at a bird, it not only nutritive, but also digestible and also very tasty. Make boiled pork from a turkey. You will understand for what it is so glorified by admirers of healthy food and, perhaps, want to adjoin them.

Boiled pork from a turkey in a foil: breast


- 1.5 kg of a breast of a turkey; - 2 l of water;

- 240 g of salt; - 5 large segments of garlic; - on 1/3 tsps of a red and black sprinkling pepper, paprika, a basil, an oregano and grains of a coriander; - 1 tsps of mustard; - 50 ml of vegetable oil. Carefully wash up a breast of a bird and dry, cut out cartilages, bones and a fat if it is necessary, remove a thin skin. Pour water in a pan or a container, completely dissolve in it salt and lower a turkey there. Leave it to prosalivatsya for 2 hours, then merge a brine and again wash out meat. Dry wipe it and put in a deep bowl.

Peel garlic and cut each segment on 3-5 parts. Deeply make an incision a breast on all surface of 15-20 times and insert vegetable pieces there. Mix in a cup vegetable oil with spices and mustard and properly vent before receiving paste. Cover with it a turkey by means of a culinary brush from all directions, cover with food wrap and put in the fridge for 24 hours. Lay two leaves of a foil on a baking tray, shift to it fowl and hermetically inwrap. Warm an oven on a maximum then lower temperature to 250oC. Bake at it boiled pork of 25 minutes, then develop it and fry 10 more minutes before emergence of a nice golden crust. Switch off an oven, but don't open it 5-6 hours until contents cool down to room temperature.

Boiled pork from a turkey in a sleeve: hip fillet

Ingredients: - 1.5 kg of fillet of a hip of a turkey; - 1 l of water; - 4 segments of garlic; - on 1.5 tsps of the Italian herbs and ground paprika; - 3 bay leaves; - 3/4 tsps of ground white pepper; - 1.5 tsps of salt. Fill with water a small pan or a stewpan and put on strong fire. Wait for liquid boiling, stir in it paprika and the Italian herbs, throw bay leaf, boil thoroughly a little, set aside and let's cool down. Prepare fillet of a turkey – cut off a thin skin and rigid veins – and ship in marinade. Place ware in cold for 8-10 hours. Get a bird, dry and fill with garlic as it is written in the previous recipe. Rub her with pepper, I will merge, paying attention to all sites, and enclose in a special heat resisting sleeve. Record it the enclosed clip-on earrings or just tie in knots and pierce a toothpick in several places to give vent to steam in preparation time. Cook boiled pork from a turkey of 40-50 minutes at 180oC, break off a package and you weary a dish of 10 more minutes to a rumyanost.

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