How to remove the website from an address bar

How to remove the website from an address bar

Links to all visited sites are stored in memory of the computer, in the folder of temporary files. To remove the addresses of Internet resources it is necessary to delete the necessary files from this folder. As to make it, we will consider on the example of two browsers: Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.


1. Internet Explorer
Start the browser. In a browser window, in a top panel, come into a bookmark ""Service"" and select the Internet Options item.

2. In the appeared Internet Options window, in the History of Viewing point, press the Delete button (pay attention that nearby the being button allows to configure ""Settings"" automatically removal of temporary files).

3. Then in the Removal of History of the Overview window you are offered to put ticks opposite to points interesting us. It is possible to note the Log points and ""Data of web forms"". That changes became effective, it is desirable to reboot the browser.

4. Google Chrome
In this case the procedure differs in the little from the standard browser from Microsoft. The main difference – in location of the necessary bookmarks with commands. Load Google Chrome. For an entrance to settings click the icon in the browser upper right corner representing a wrench. In the opened bookmark click ""Parameters"".

5. After this Google Chrome opens a new tab where types of settings are offered. In the left column of sections select ""Expanded"".

6. In the opened tab click the Delete Data on the Viewed Pages command. After that the bookmark with the offer will open to select the temporary files requiring removals. From six options you most of all are interested in the Clean the Saved These Autocompletions of Forms point. Put ticks before this point and click ""Delete Data"".
Upon termination of the procedure it is necessary to reboot the browser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team