How to accelerate WI-FI

How to accelerate WI-FI

Universal distribution of Wi-fi stronger and stronger is felt in the world. Practically in each apartment house or office building it is possible to find signals of dozens of various access points. Though several years ago the wireless internet was rather unusual occurrence. Also it would only be possible to enjoy achievements of progress if work of a wireless internet in so saturated technetronic environment was not followed by time different problems, in particular reduction of speed.

Use of the latests version of Wi-fi of technologies

The best way to force a home network to work so quickly and reliably as far as it in general is possible at this stage of development of technologies, - to use the modern equipment. And here first of all it is necessary to know that the wireless IEEE 802.11 A, B, G standards are already outdated and slow. The highest speed of a wireless internet will be provided nowadays by the IEEE 802.11 N standard. Therefore you need to buy the equipment with its support.

The choice of the optimum place for the router


The router even if it does not fit the design into an interior, should not be hidden for cabinets, curtains and other objects of a house situation. If you wish to have a good signal, you should pick up for the router the open place without walls and obstacles and to direct its antenna vertically up. Ideally the router should be put in the middle of that space of rooms which it should service.


Use of the strengthened antenna

If the native antenna of your router is turned off or removed, you can get and install the strengthened antenna. Such are on sale separately.

Search of the least loaded wireless link

If you live in an apartment house, neighbour's routers can disturb yours and force a signal to degrade. Routers can work for several (their is normal everything 12) different channels, and you need to find the channel with the smallest loading. Use of free utilities for search of clear channels, such as Wi-Fi Stumbler, inSSlDer or Wi-Fi Analyzer, will help you to increase Wi-Fi speed.

Noises from household and mobile appliances

However not only neighbour's routers can cause noises. Wireless telephones, microwaves and other devices as well as the router working in the very high frequency range, can be interfered with operation of your router. Purchase of the dual-band router can become the solution of this problem. It is also possible to buy wireless telephones with other ranges. If you do not want to be spent for the new equipment, can just try to remove your router far away from other equipment.

Prevention of theft of Wi-fi

Password-protect the access point to a wireless internet. Otherwise you immediately get to it a lot of fans of free Wi-Fi. Besides use of the password on WPA2 technologies is necessary that with bigger reliability will save a home network from invasion of strangers.

Bandwidth control

Use of video chats, services of online games, frequent loading of files through a torrent can reduce significantly throughput, and the Internet will become more slowly for other applications. For prevention of it you can use quality of service of QoS by means of which it is possible to set a priority of work of some over others. As a result, more important and/or used by you at present applications will receive necessary throughput.

Router refirmware

In the great way to expand the operating range of the router and, as a result, to increase the speed of a wireless internet, installation of a firmware DD-WRT which will give to the router additional functions on safety and increase in power is. In the latter case there can be a danger of inactivation of the router at careless settings, however the majority of routers is capable to process increase in power up to 70 MW without problems.

Reset of the router according to the schedule

If your router needs from time to time reset that it did not hang up from overheating, you can configure automatic reboot of router one or several times a day by means of an above-mentioned firmware of DD-WRT or even the normal timer socket.

Some non-standard receptions

You can expand the operating range of your router by means of simple self-made superstructures. For example, the empty aluminum jar, or the foil wrapping the antenna sent by an opening to the working area will allow to improve quality of wireless connection several. Most likely, results of such tricks will be not really impressive, however you will be able to squeeze out of the Wi-Fi a little more at a minimum of efforts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team