Whether the feeding mom can drink kefir

Whether the feeding mom can drink kefir

The diet of the feeding mom has to exclude all those products which can do harm to the kid and cause a meteorizm, gripes, an allergy. With extra care during a lactation it is necessary to include new dishes in the menu of mother. One of the first of dairy products which are recommended for the use when breastfeeding is kefir. However this dairy drink can not always bring benefit to the child.

Kefir well influences intestinal microflora, a digestive tract. This fermented milk product is a source of calcium and vitamins that is especially important for strengthening of immunity of mom and the kid. It is possible to take this drink at a lactation if the child has no allergy to cow's milk and individual intolerance.

Kefir at a lactation – invaluable advantage

In spite of the fact that at fermentation of fermented milk product in it the insignificant amount of alcohol, kefir to the feeding mothers is formed it is possible to use and it is necessary. Numerous researches in this respect showed that because of small concentration of alcohol in kefir alcohol does not get into milk. Therefore tasty drink will not do any harm of the kid from this party.

At the regular use, kefir helps to normalize digestive process. This moment is especially important for mothers who during pregnancy face locks and other problems of a GIT. Also this product prevents processes of rotting, fermentation in intestines. The advantage of kefir is obvious to the feeding mom and the kid because dairy drink possesses the refreshing action. It also calms nervous system, promotes fatigue removal. If to drink kefir for the night constantly, it is possible to forget about fatigue shortly. Plus this product allows to lose the weight gained during pregnancy.

How often it is possible to drink kefir at a lactation

When breastfeeding mom can without fears drink a glass - two kefirs a day. If to take drink more often, the child can receive disorder of intestines. Especially carefully with presence of any fermented milk and dairy products it is necessary to be when the kid still small, his digestive system is only formed. From a diet of mom it is better to remove kefir in the period of kolik not to aggravate a situation. It is impossible to drink kefir if at the child the intolerance of cow protein is observed. If you do not know about this problem, but are not sure that the baby will have no allergy, include a product in a diet gradually. Begin with a small amount of drink in day, then gradually increase a product share. Having noticed rash on a body of the kid, an itch, gripes, diarrhea and other reasons for concern – for a while refuse drink. In few weeks it is possible to try to enter kefir into the menu again. One-day kefir will become the best choice for the feeding mom. It is known that such product possesses soft depletive. Two-day kefir differs in neutrality, and three-day has the fixing effect. It can increase gas generation in intestines that is undesirable for mother and the child. Surely you store dairy drink in the fridge.

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