How to teach the child to time

How to teach the child to time

The childhood – carefree and gold time. Time for which the child should learn a lot of things, to master and to learn much. The child has to learn to read, count up to school, to draw, to put on and undress, be independently collected and organized. The task of relatives is in helping the child to learn to count correctly the time.


1. First of all, it is necessary to explain to the child why self-organization is so necessary that he did not make an impression that it is the next whim of parents and there was no rejection of "unnecessary science". Tell that it will help it not to be late in a garden or school, it is more time to devote to meetings with friends or viewing interesting transfers, movies and games.

2. Do not wait for momentary result. It is long process. Awareness of "necessity" comes not at once. And, sometimes, on a talk and explanations weeks and months leave. Try to begin educational work with the child as soon as possible. Remember that the small child absorbs everything as a sponge.

3. The foundation of the organization is laid by the mode. Since childhood children wake up, eat, play and go to bed at the same time. It is not necessary to break to the child such tenor of life and if it and occurred, then it is necessary to restore the correct daily routine.

4. When the kid gets used, can enter new functions into the schedule: obligatory classes, charging, etc. On each type of activity you take away a certain period. For example, charging of 15 minutes, occupation – hour, for breakfast, a lunch or a dinner you take away no more than 20 minutes. Consider specific features. Another will much longer carry out what one child will make in 5 minutes.

5. The visual aid – the bright and colourful schedule helps with the organization of time. On hours you have to introduce the list of what the child has to make per day in it. The daily routine has to hang in a visible place and each point daily has to be noted: it is made - not made, or kept within - did not keep within the taken-away period.

6. That the child had an incentive to follow such rules, think up the system of encouragement. If the schedule does not help, make the plan of tasks since evening. Also you monitor its observance. Remind the kid of affairs since he can play and it is elementary forget. Do not overload him, the child has to have a rest and walk more. Do not punish children if at them it is impossible to collect toys in time or to eat quickly. It is possible to scold slightly, but not to abuse – so you will only beat off desire to carry out even what at it well turns out.

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