How to teach the child to sing

How to teach the child to sing

If parents are captured by the idea to teach something the child, then better than own example it is difficult to think up something. Including it concerns also singing. Sooner or later your efforts will be crowned with success, it is necessary to have patience only.


1. There is a number of features of classes with small children. To teach the child it is possible to sing, the ability of children to seize all on the fly is well-known. But their muscular device is not absolutely developed, and it is more difficult for them to reproduce heard. It is necessary to be engaged with the child systematically.

2. It is desirable to study together with it, children like to do everything "for the company". As they learn to speak, also they will learn to sing, repeating after adults. Therefore, it is necessary to sing together. Let it will be family chorus, three together or four together to sing more cheerfully.

3. It is desirable not to distort a melody, let with the kid those who has a good hearing be engaged, the child should learn to reproduce music line correctly. It is better to sing quietly, first, not to frighten the kid, secondly, that he heard a melody better. Singing, it is not necessary to articulate strongly, children are inclined to imitation, they like to grimace more, than to repeat a melody.

4. Important, with what intonation any given melody is executed. Let the child hear that the lullaby should be sung quietly, and a march or health – is loud.

5. It is necessary to interest in the singing the kid. At first sing, then together with the child. Connect singing to the accompaniment. It can be children's tools, for example, a xylophone. Let the kid will try to play and sing independently, it will turn out not at once, but it it does not matter, the main thing that the habit to sing was created.

6. For the smallest it is necessary to choose songs with simple words that it was convenient to child to utter them, otherwise all efforts of the kid will leave on pronunciation of difficult texts, but not on development of a melody.

7. Not all children have identical abilities, someone begins to sing earlier, someone later, and someone has no hearing at all. To demand and furthermore to force children violently something to do, it does not make sense. Only patience and love it is possible to achieve good results in any business, to teach the child to sing – not end in itself, but the real task facing the loving parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team