What hair-dye the safest

What hair-dye the safest

Beautiful hair of juicy shade without signs of gray hair were only dream of many women several decades ago. Today it is ordinary reality – it is worth reaching counter with hair-dyes. But chemical paints, as a rule, do harm to hair.

Producers very much try to improve quality of goods and to produce the safest hair-dye with the smallest harmful properties. Today on many packings it is possible to see inscriptions - "sparing effect", "paint without ammonia", "feeding cream-paint, intensive leaving", etc. On how many actually all these products protect hair without checks by practical consideration to tell difficult. Everything is individual. But nevertheless, it is worth understanding types of dyes unambiguously.

Resistant hair-dyes

Paints divide into three main types: resistant, semi-resistant and coloring. Resistant are paints with ammonia or alkali (rarely) and peroxide of hydrogen. This type quickly and qualitatively paints over hair, but is followed by pungent unpleasant smell, causes skin burning, long does not restore natural hair color. On structure of hair such paint makes adverse effect – hair scales bristle and pass inside dye. The structure of hair changes. Curls become rigid and it is possible to correct it only partially by means of special balms. And the new color quickly grows dull. Especially badly blondiruyushchy shades influence hair. Today add the looking after substances to these dyes. But the influence essence from it does not change.

Coloring dyes

Coloring dyes harm hair minimum. But they have low firmness, and paint is completely washed away from hair approximately in month. By means of such dyes it is impossible to paint over gray hair, the hair can only give the necessary shade and to make native color more intensive and interesting.

Semi-resistant hair-dyes

In recent years semi-resistant or semi-permanent dyes became the most popular. They are called still bezammiachny. In basis - hydrogen peroxide. They are capable to clarify your curls on 2-3 tones, evenly descend from hair, without creating clear boundary of coloring. It is by practical consideration noticed that at regular use of such dyes their firmness increases since there is lamination and gradual deep penetration into structure of hair. For the first time applying such paint, it is necessary to know that it gives more dark shade, than it is stated. It more make thrifty use of hair and causes much less allergic reactions. But to you it is not necessary to consider it absolutely safe and harmless since it contains peroxide or other oxidizers. Today and this type of paint producers try to neutralize as much as possible by means of useful additives: vitamins and oils.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team