What face cream the most expensive

What face cream the most expensive

For preservation of youth of skin many women are ready to pay any money for the advertized wonderful means by means of which it is possible to prevent aging or to get rid of already available wrinkles. Today the cost of the most expensive cream for the person is several thousands of dollars.

The product line of Shiseido Cle de Peau Beaute of the Japanese trade brand of Shiseido celebrates the thirtieth anniversary. In honor of it face cream under trade name of La Crème is produced.

The actress Amanda Seyfried who has provided cream which cost will be 13 thousand dollars for jar of 50 ml has become the face of branded products.

Only three jars of wonderful cream will be available to those who have submitted the preliminary application for purchase. Since August 30 in the main shop of trade brand Shiseido will begin to accept preliminary applications. If persons interested is much more three, the company intends to carry out draw. Products under trade name of La Crème are luxury of beauty. Cream will be in jars from natural crystal and platinum. Up to this point the Nivea company was in the lead selling the most expensive face cream. In total have released 441 jars of cream under trade name of Nivea Visage Expert Lift Day. Each jar is inlaid with diamonds. The cost of one is equal 113 thousand dollars. All means obtained from sale have been sent to charity organization on the solution of the problems connected with oncological diseases of breast. If to take not packing, and contents in attention, in the list the rejuvenating serum for face and neck of Volumizing Serum of the ReVive trading company is in the lead. This wonderful means is called alternative of plastic surgery. Process of rejuvenation happens at the cellular level, skin aging completely stops. The price of ounce of serum is 600 dollars. Sisley not much more lags behind. The elixir for face skin under trade name of Sisleya Elixir costs 582 dollars. Cosmetic helps to eliminate age deformations of skin, struggles with free radicals, stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin.

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