Sugaring: features

Sugaring: features

About purity and tenderness of skin of beauties of the East there are legends for a long time. Much wanted to open secret of that, how exactly it manages to them to achieve so smooth, deprived even slightest signs of vegetation, body. There is no secret any more, and as it has turned out the point is that long since east maidens resort to the help of the procedure called today "sugaring". The sugaring is one of types of epilation, the procedure directed to removal of excess vegetation on body. As its main component is paste from sugar, it is possible to face such term as "sugar epilation" or "the Persian epilation", because of sources of its origin.

The essence of the procedure is that the special structure from the sugar brought to condition of caramel is applied to previously prepared skin with signs of undesirable vegetation. It is put surely against the main growth of hair, it is important. Then, the perfected, very sharp movement, sugar weight is removed, and is removed already on growth of hair. In conclusion apply the calming structures which promote its fastest rehabilitation to the skin subjected to processing. Advantage of sugaring is that the consistence of the used raw materials allows to work, first, with any necessary zone on body, and secondly, paste on the basis of sugar envelops itself even the most gentle and thin hairs, without leaving vegetation uniform chance.

Often there are questions of morbidity of the procedure. Yes, for people with especially sensitive skin it will seem not palatable. But, resorting to it it is regular, it is possible to note that over and over again hairs will become is thinner, and hair cloves are weaker and weaker that considerably will reduce morbidity of the procedure. And in some cases also the period between sessions will gradually increase. On average, result after sugaring also more weeks will remain during 3-ekh.

No special care after similar removal of hairs is required to skin, the only thing about what experts ask, not to subject it within several days to influence of direct sunshine as emergence of pigmental spots is possible.For holding procedure there is number of contraindications which treat:

- problems with sugar level in blood;

- the diseases connected with venous system;

- hemophilia;

- damages of integuments;

- nevus, extensive birthmarks.

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