How to remove dirt under nails

How to remove dirt under nails

Purity of hands, nails - guarantee of health. Dirty nails can become the negligence reason to the person. That hands looked well-groomed, tidy, it is necessary to take care of their purity.

Whatever the person nice, talkative was, the impression about it will develop not to the best if it has dirt under nails. It is indicator of his untidiness and slovenliness. To avoid such unpleasant situation, it is necessary to watch carefully himself and the hands, namely - in due time to remove dirt under nails. It appears constantly if the person walks in gloves not all the time. It is only worth making a few efforts and to take away small amount of time to put nails of hands and legs in order.

Dirt can become the cause of fungal infection, inflammation, callosities and even deformations of nail plate.

It is necessary to allocate time for nail care every day. It is the best of all to do it in the evening when has put everything behind, the person has taken shower and is going to go to sleep. Without serious consequences to remove dirt under nails, it is necessary to get wooden rake and special manicure brush. Sharp metal objects, scissors can injure skin under nail that will cause painful feelings. When cleaning it is necessary to use soap that dirt has softened and it was well cleaned. Nails should be cut in due time, it will help to clean them quickly.

Dirt can independently be removed after acceptance of shower with different gels, srubs. And massaging of the head during washing promotes mechanical removal of dirt from under nails. It is possible to clean brush the steamed-out nails under water, at the same time to pay due attention to weak spots near cuticle.

It is necessary to remember that nails have standing hair cut on the flat line, and on hands - with curve at the edges.

Lemon juice is universal remedy. It is useful and for cleaning of nails. It is necessary to add couple of drops of juice to glass with water. To lower fingers in capacity and to take couple of minutes. After that to apply special oil on cuticle and to remove it to edges by means of wooden rake, and under nails to clean brush.

After work with the earth in garden there is always dirt under nails. Use of gloves will help to change situation. Now them great variety is on sale: rubber, cotton, leather, suede. There is small secret of how to leave nails clean after the done dirty work: it is necessary to carry out by nails on dry soap that it remained under them. If near at hand there were no gloves, then it is possible to use plaster, to close up with it edges of fingers.

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