How to put face in order

How to put face in order

Official evening on nose, it is necessary to look ideally, but does not leave – fatigue stronger you. What should I do?


1. The tired woman will be given by the exhausted person. Means, before visit of guest-night it is necessary to put face in order. Be at one and freshen up. You do not hurry to put make-up even if you hurry. Beforehand make mask of the oat flakes which are filled in with water for strut. You add a little lemon juice (several drops) to this gruel. Then put mask on face, for about 10 minutes, and wash away warm water. Your skin will look it better and is fresher.

2. The same effect is reached by massaging of face skin and neck slice of fresh apple. Only several seconds, are not necessary any more – and your skin will considerably be tightened, will get healthy flush.

3. "And how to be with sudden heat-spot, jumped in a visible place?", - you ask. Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove heat-spot without traces, but the campaign to the makeup artist will help here. It will not take away from you a lot of time.

4. If time at you absolutely just barely enough, and the heat-spot ripens at you on face, being harmfully allocated on skin – help yourself, having mixed a little the liquid proofreader with droplet of the moisturizing lotion. The grade of lotion does not matter. This structure neutralizes the reddening appearing after expression of pimple. Means – though is put in any available way with brush though fingers of hands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team