How to prolong the woman's youth

How to prolong the woman's youth

Gentle skin on wrinkles, healthy hair and nails, open look – each woman dreams to be left without hint young and beautiful long time. Unfortunately, time and the wrong way of life in every possible way interfere with it, forcing to fall apart at look in mirror. Whether the woman can prolong youth and what for this purpose needs to be made?


  1. Eat properly. The healthy balanced food – source of your youth and beauty. Try to eat as much as possible useful products such as vegetables and fruit, fish, nuts, various grain. To prolong youth, refuse or minimize presence at your diet of fast food, fried, sweet and farinaceous dishes. Do not overeat. Drink more usual still water, so you moisturize the skin not only outside, but also from within. Clear drinking water and green tea – the best drinks for the women wishing to prolong youth.
  2. Get enough sleep. The sound healthy sleep affects not only appearance (at the well-rested woman and the complexion is healthier, and eyes shine more brightly), but also for work of all bodies and the systems of organism. And to keep the health, so and youth, it is not necessary to neglect this rule. The optimum duration of dream – eight hours. Ideally to go to sleep it is necessary at 22-23 o'clock, not later. The chronic multi-day sleep debt not in the best way affects female beauty, results in fatigue and the general weakening of organism. Full-fledged dream – one of the major conditions for maintaining great appearance and extension of youth.
  3. Lead healthy lifestyle: refuse smoking and alcohol intake, move, try to be nervous less, especially without serious occasion more. Smoking leads not only to early formation of wrinkles and earthy complexion, this harmless habit poisons organism, leads to diseases of pulmonary system, slows down ability of cages to self-recovery. Also minimize alcohol intake if you want to prolong the youth.
  4. Move as much as possible: do any sport, you go on foot, you spend more time in the fresh air. The movement oxygenates cage, regulates metabolism, increases endurance of organism. All this allows to prolong youth, female beauty and appeal.
  5. Worry because of trifles less, try not to dramatize, you see things soberly. Not to accumulate irritation, you learn to relax, for example, by means of yoga. Stress – one of the main enemies of good appearance and the woman's youth.
  6. Use the checked Tibetan means of extension of youth. Take camomile, immortelle, St. John's wort and birch kidneys – all on 100gr. Mix, crush in the coffee grinder. Fill in one tablespoon of this mix with two glasses of boiled water, insist twenty minutes, filter. Before going to bed drink glass of infusion, having dissolved in it honey teaspoon. Warm up the remained liquid on water bath in the morning, add honey, drink. Thus you arrive, mix will not reach a limit yet. In five years the course of rejuvenation of organism is recommended to be repeated. Despite simplicity of preparation and availability of ingredients, means cleans organism, improves metabolism, prevents developing of many diseases, prolongs youth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team