How to do the correct massage of back

How to do the correct massage of back

Massage as the all-strengthening means is known since ancient times. To learn to do massage of back, it is necessary to master the main massage receptions: grinding, stroking, puddling and vibration.

The back is in literal sense board for all internals. Therefore its massage has huge value for all organism. Modern life is characterized by stresses and inactive way of life. Because of it in muscle tissue of back there is stagnation of blood circulation and lymph flow. In muscles there is tension, and it can lead to various neuralgic diseases. As a result of disease processes in tissues of back the psychoemotional condition of the person worsens and chronic diseases of internals develop.

For achievement of the all-strengthening effect it is necessary to hold 10-15 sessions of massage of back. Then surely take break.

Classical massage of back influences muscles of shoulders and neck, scapular area, direct and oblique muscles of back and lumbar and sacral department. Completely to work back, you need to make efforts and to spend a lot of time.

For performing massage ask the person to lay down on stomach. He has to put hands along trunk and slightly bend them in elbow joints. Under breast, stomach and forehead put pillows or rollers. Begin massage with superficial stroking. You make the clasping movements by two hands. Hands have to move from below up to plechy. And then from top to down to axillary hollows. Gradually increase pressing force, but folds of skin should not move. The main goal of stroking is improvement of skin breath.

During massage avoid pulling, breakthroughs, twisting of muscles. The movements of hands have to be exact and rhythmical.

In 10-15 minutes you pass to the second stage of massage of back - to grinding. Grinding assumes moving and extension of skin in various directions. Carry out grebneobrazny both circular motions with burdening and pileniye. Grinding promotes improvement of blood circulation in spin. At this stage of muscle are studied at average depth. Carry out grinding within 10 minutes. The third stage of massage of back is called puddling. For a start define the massed area, then occupy it and delay. After that muscles should be squeezed. During capture carry out stretching and moving of fabrics. Move from top to down. Such reception as puddling, is considered the most difficult on technology of performance. It improves sokratitelny function of muscles, removes stress and increases working capacity. On the influence this equipment is equated to muscular gymnastics. Massage by puddling can be carried out falteringly or continuously in one direction. The finishing reception of massage of back is vibration. Carry out effleurage and pokhpyvaniye hands. In fact, vibration is oscillating motions of different amplitude and speed. In order that impact of vibration was big, arrange brush perpendicular to the massed surface. On the same site use reception of vibration within 10 seconds, and then you pass to the following. Finish massage with superficial stroking.

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