Health of hair in the spring

Health of hair in the spring

Winter cold weather gradually recedes, the spring comes into the own. Around everything blossoms and is filled with new paints, vital energy. At last, it is possible to forget about caps and hoods and to show the healthy and beautiful hair. But whether there are they those after winter?

It is possible to present health and vital energy to hair during the spring period, it is only necessary to remember that care for them is based not on one principle. 


The shortage of important vitamins, undoubtedly, affects appearance and so weakened hair. The nutrition during this period has to be healthy. The vitamin and mineral complexes improving structure of hair will not be superfluous.

Contents in complex of elements, such as is necessary: vitamin "A" (Retinolum), "Е" (tocopherol), "With" (ascorbic acid), "B1" (thiamin), "B2" (Riboflavinum), "B5" (pantothenic acid, panthenol), "B6" (pyridoxine), "B8" (inositol), "B12" (cyanocobalamine), "N" (biotin), "RR" (niatsin, niacinamide),  "Ф" (F), folic acid.


Now that time when the careful and careful address with hair is especially important. During this period it is better not to remember the hair dryer or irons. Permanent coloring their chemical wave will weaken hair even stronger, as well as. With care it is necessary and to put hair in order, speaking even about their simple combing.

It is more preferable to use combs from tree if it is brush, then it has to be from natural bristle. Indelible conditioners will help with easier combing with the minimum losses of hair. It is worth knowing that combing of wet hair is not recommended.  

Solution of problems with hair

Pressing spring problem with hair – loss. You should not panic, it can solve it quite. For the aid to vitamin complexes there will be various masks for hair, also you should not refuse massage of the head. Split ends to life it is possible not to return, get rid of them by means of "hot scissors" any more.

Use of special masks will become excellent prevention. Dry hair – the frequent phenomenon after winter, their food during this period was insufficient. When using shampoos or masks pay attention to their structure. The extracts of fruit, availability of proteins and natural oils which are contained in masks will help to cope with problem of dryness of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team