Cosmetics at pregnancy

Cosmetics at pregnancy

– special time in the woman's life. But even at the growing tummy and other "pregnant delights" there is a wish to remain beautiful and attractive. For improvement of the appearance of the lady long since use cosmetics, however at pregnancy of the requirement to it increase.

During incubation of the child the hormonal background of the woman changes therefore emergence of problems with skin, such as the increased pigmentation, extensions, fat content or dryness, pimples is possible. For elimination of these problems tonics, lotions are used cream. Especially it is worth paying attention to preparation of skin for its stretching on stomach, breast and hips.

The condition of hair changes. Most of women notes that they become more dense. However happens and vice versa: hair break more and look dry. Taking into account the happened changes it is desirable to choose new shampoo and balm. Some firms produce special series of shampoos for pregnant women.

When choosing any cosmetics during pregnancy it is necessary to pay attention to its structure. It has to contain the maximum quantity of natural components, it is desirable that there were no dyes and fragrances. During pregnancy it is better to replace many means used earlier with children's cream, natural oils, grass collecting and tinctures, masks from natural products. You should not buy cosmetics at pregnancy "for emergency" because because of continuous hormonal changes in organism condition of skin, the hair, nails can also change. Anti-cellulite means and cosmetics will not be necessary for pregnant women for weight loss at all. Pregnant women can use decorative cosmetics. However it is necessary to show consideration for its structure, expiration date more. To replace usual it is better to buy hypoallergenic cosmetics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team