Why the ostrich hides the head in sand

Why the ostrich hides the head in sand

The ostrich is the largest bird in the world. He lives mainly in tropical countries. Around this animal some strange rumors and myths go. For example, it is considered that ostriches at the sight of danger bury the heads in sand. About it the whole legends are already put, jokes are thought up, different animated films, etc. are drawn. However very few people know that all this is nonsense of a mare gray!

Why the ostrich hides the head in sand?

On the matter it is hardly possible to find the answer, objective and right from the scientific point of view. In general, according to the legend, it does it only for the sake of the safety. When the ostrich is frightened, his head buried in sand, probably, helps a bird to cope with danger. Actually it is a usual joke. Ostriches do not hide the head anywhere, and it is the fact!Moreover, it is very clever birds who got used to escape from danger as well as all reasonable representatives of the world of fauna, running away from it. Surprisingly, but these birds are capable to run huge distance with a speed exceeding 75 km/h and if they are threatened by very serious danger, then ostriches turn the tail up to 97 km/h!

Why people think that ostriches hide the head in sand?

Version first. This tale originates since Ancient Rome. Then conquerors conquered alien lands and brought home various truthful and not really a story about new lands, about the new animals found there, etc. Ostriches are fans of flat spaces. As their food on plains serves the grass behind which it is necessary to bend constantly. Here also the dog is buried: when some stranger saw how the ostrich long time keeps the head in a grass, it seemed to it that the bird buried it in sand! The earth fills with rumors quickly. Version second. There is one more version of origin of the myth about the ostriches hiding the head in sand. The fact is that this bird quite often bends to sand that to eat it. It is necessary in order that the stones promoting faster digestion of food got into a stomach. Visually this procedure reminds an ostrich with the head buried in sand again. By the way, in a stomach of an adult bird there can be about 2 kg of stones! Version third. The following version misleads even sceptics. Quite often observers can see how ostriches ride on the heated sand from lowered headfirst. This picture, of course, will lead the inhabitant into a blind alley, but the expert will guess at once in what here business. And the fact is that ostriches adore riding on the heated sand, hanging on it the head. So they get rid of various parasites living in their feathers and on skin. Version fourth. Ostriches, really, are very timid birds. Perhaps, the legend that they bury the head in sand at the sight of danger arose because of their unusual and peculiar hide-and-seek. Moreover, these beings often incline the head to the earth properly to listen whether some danger threatens them. It should be noted that exactly thanks to this tale the expression appeared "to bury the head in sand" which means fear of some affairs, avoiding of any given decisions. Here is how time of it ostriches do not do!

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