Why the cat drinks much

Why the cat drinks much

If the cat constantly thirsts and drinks more than usual – it is necessary to think of health of an animal. The increased thirst can be caused by changes in a diet of an animal or conditions of his contents, and can serve as a symptom of a serious disease.

When thirst – it is normalIf the cat began to drink more – first of all pay attention to whether her diet changed recently. If the cat was transferred from natural products or damp canned food on dry industrial feeds – increase in the quantity drunk is quite natural, moisture content in a stern is low. Therefore the cat begins to be put more and more often to a bowl with water to receive liquid which received together with food earlier.

The imbalance of a diet of a cat can be the cause of thirst: the low protein content or the increased salt content. In that case it is necessary to correct the menu.

Besides, there is a number of natural causes on which the cat begins to drink more, compensating thereby the raised water consumption. It is pregnancy, the increased physical activity, high temperature in the house or on the street, the postponed stress.

Also increase in water consumption is considered normal during reception of a number of medicines (diuretic, corticosteroid and so on). If treatment is conducted under observation of the doctor, this side effect does not conduct to any consequences for an organism of a cat, and after medicine cancellation the water consumption will decrease to norm.

Water consumption rate for cats 25-50 milliliters on each kilogram of body weight a day are considered. It is possible to speak about the increased thirst if the cat drinks more norm.

Diseases of cats which are followed by thirst If neither the diet, nor conditions of keeping of a cat changed, and she drinks waters more and more - it is a reason for the immediate appeal to veterinary clinic.

The increased thirst and the use of excessively large amount of water is called a polidipsiya (from the Greek polydipsios where poli means "much", and – "to drink" dipsios).

The increased thirst can be a symptom of a number of serious diseases among which: - diabetes; - insulinoma; - liver tumors; - hepatitis; - sharp or chronic renal failure; - pyelonephritis. To make the diagnosis, in most cases it will be required to make the test of urine and to undergo inspection – only after that the doctor will be able to appoint to a cat treatment. A part of these diseases belongs to number incurable, but after all at due leaving the animal will be able still for many years to continue to lead active life. Anyway it is necessary to watch that the cat suffering from the increased thirst always had an access to water. Dehydration at such animals comes quickly enough, and the cat deprived of an opportunity to get drunk can die.

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