How to give to a kitten a tablet

How to give to a kitten a tablet

How many joy the long-awaited kitten brings to the house! It is amusing to watch its games, it is pleasant to iron on a soft hair. But when the favourite is unhealthy and he needs to give a tablet, he begins to escape, be scratched and bite desperately. Application of some cunning receptions will help to execute instructions of the veterinarian.

It is required to you

  • - thick towel;
  • - blanket;
  • - big and small spoon for grinding;
  • - scalpel or a thin knife for division of a tablet.


1. If a tablet tasteless, it can be added to food. Separate a necessary part, carefully pound it and mix with food. It is better to use a damp forage – easy to hide powder in it. The tasty piece has to be small that for certain all medicine was taken. If the cunning was not successful, mix medicine with delicacy: sour cream, butter or mincemeat. Cats very clean animals. They look after the skin, pinching all pollution. Use this feature, having soiled a pad of the kid powder with a damp forage or sour cream.

2. If medicine has unpleasant taste, so just the kitten will not eat it therefore it is necessary to induce him to do it. Wrap up pads of an animal in a thick towel, slightly throw back his head and, pressing cheekbones, open a mouth. Take slightly drugs on a forefinger and smear kitten language. Track that it with saliva did not release everything from a mouth. Repeat action until the kitten eats a necessary portion.

3. Force a kitten to eat the whole tablet. Some pills should be accepted, without breaking their cover. Cats during a disease often refuse food, and medicine is useless to mask under delicacy. For efficiency of treatment it is necessary to use force. Clamp a kitten between knees. One hand reject to him the head back, and another put a tablet in a mouth. Distract it, and medicine will be swallowed. If it did not turn out, swaddle a kitten in a thick towel that all four paws were closed and he could not release them. Ask the assistant to take a kitten, and open for him a mouth, pressing a jaw big and index fingers. Quickly put a tablet far away on language and, without allowing to open a mouth, stroke a neck. When you feel that he made glotatelny movements, release an animal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team