How to call the British cat

How to call the British cat

The British cats enjoy the increasing popularity at fans of animals. More often buy these the lovely creatures similar by the plush wool on bear cubs. But the British cat needs to give the corresponding name how it is better to make it?


1. Think out a name to the British cat all family that it was approved by all. There can be it that everyone will call the pet in own way, and he will become puzzled of different addresses to it.

2. If your cat has a family tree and the relevant documents, then a certain nickname has to be already specified by the manufacturer. Generally such nicknames very long and difficult therefore compose something derivative of such long name. For example, cat call Franches de Libretto, then safely dream, for example, call the pet Fan.

3. If your pet was sold to you without family tree, then the nickname can be composed, looking at character of a cat. If he large also likes to eat, then why not to call it the Glutton? If the animal plays without interruption, then the Rascal quite will approach.

4. There is a set of nicknames hints in different grants about animals. They are formed alphabetically so choose option, more suitable for the favourite. Approximate names which are popular among nicknames: And – the Apricot, the Cupid, Ador. B – Basalt, Baikal, Bingo, the Bull-calf. In – the Jack, Vermouth, the Cornflower. – Gabriel, the Hussar.D – Jazz, the Duchess pear, Dyaba.E – the Hedgehog, Erofey. – Zhako, the Julienne, a Bug.Z – Zarik, Zyapa. And – Raisin, an iris, Irten. To – Kalmar, the Cardinal, Corneille. L – Lavas, Luxury. M – the Moor, Maxi, the Lighthouse. N – the Narcissus, Nick, the North, Newton. About – the Spark, Osya, Otello.P – the Oriental carpet, Plus, a Bee.P – the Radar, Remar. The list can be continued very long, read it in the book or on the Internet better and stop on something one. The main thing that the name was not such banal as Barsik or Sharik.

5. You remember that the cat got used to the new name as soon as possible, you should not address it not "pussycats-pussycats-pussycats". Call him just by means of the chosen nickname, then the name chosen by you will be approved by your pet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team